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This website is dedicated to increasing the awareness, appreciation, conservation and cultivation of Australian native succulent plants.


We are very excited that Australia Post has released a set of four stamps with native succulents  on June 20th 2017.

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A more detailed background of our involvement and early draft images of this stamp production can be found in the menu, at left, of our website.



Australian Grass Trees

One of Australia's most iconic plant groups. Spectacular in habitat and garden design. Most people are unaware that Australia has so many different species from miniatures to blue giants. While sometimes incorrectly referred to as succulents, these xerophytic grasstrees grow really well in succulent gardens and rockeries.



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Here's a link to some of the best seasonal highlights IN OUR GARDEN that features native succulents thoughout the year:



Does Australia have any worth knowing or growing?
Australia has almost no native succulents; except for a few barely fleshy weeds, unlike the well-known rich diversity of succulents in Africa. This has been a long-standing and widespread view. Even the world famous British cactus & succulent author, Gordon Rowley in1978 also supported this view in his book "The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Succulents"™ Salamander Books UK (page 36).

In the year 2006 this common view was still held worldwide. In Australia in gardening circles and even specialised cacti and succulent groups in all the major cities had little knowledge or awareness of what wonderful succulents could really be found "out there".

Australian Succulents

In the coming years these succulent plants will increase in popularity partly through this website and the book titled, "Australian Succulent Plants"™.

Succulent plants grow in semi-arid or seasonally dry regions found across most of Australia, sometimes even in tropical and other seasonally wetter parts of the country. In more moist and humid areas, there are some succulent plants that are found in drier micro-habitats, such as on exposed trees or rocks.

Australia can boast at least 400 species that can be regarded as succulent.

Much of Australia has the most irregular rainfall of any continent.
It is a land of drought or deluge, sometimes with little moderation in between.


All the pictures here with this text show a range of very succulent Australian plants photographed near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in spring 2006.

Australian Succulents

How many different species are apparent?

How many can you identify?

Australian Succulents

Plants such as the introduced Bryophyllum delagoense and Opuntia tomentosa and the native Adansonia gregorii, Dendrobium speciosum, Halosarcia bulbosa, Hoya australis and Portulaca oleracea are all Australian succulent plants that share several common features.

They can all be found growing naturally across Australia, all utilise water storage mechanisms in the leaves, stems or roots, and are more sun and dry-tolerant than most plants.


Our PHOTO GALLERY of Australian Succulent Plants includes photographs from the book as well as many never before seen!

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